WooCommerce Booking and Rental Plugin help you to build your booking business, it’s super easy to install and setup. You will able to rent like cars, bike, dress, tools, gadgets, etc. This is one of the best selling WooCommerce Booking Plugin. This allows you to add unlimited rental products, gives you the option to set your own pricing along with maintaining & blocking calendar. It has “request for quote” section too. Where the user will able to negotiate and you will able to set custom pricing for that person. It brings so many features like Hourly range pricing, Inventory management & variations, Unlimited payable resources, and persons. This Plugin is fully compatible with latest WooCommerce and WordPress version. A lot of options/settings are provided in the backend for example: block rental days and hours, set minimum & maximum booking days, single day booking, maximum time penalty, date format settings, daily basis opening & closing time and many more. This Booking plugin is WPML supported which allows your website to become multilingual.

Plugin is fully compatible with with latest wooCommerce and WordPress version.

It creates a new WooCommerce product type , its called Rental product , Where user can set product with various options, such as

  • Google calendar order report
  • Day basis price configuration
  • Monthly price configuration (Seasonal pricing)
  • Day ranges price configuration
  • General price configuration
  • Hourly price configuration
  • Discount on general pricing plan depending on rental days
  • Discount on daily pricing plan depending on rental days
  • Discount on monthly pricing plan depending on rental days
  • Discount on day ranges pricing plan depending on rental days
  • Car availability control
  • Date blocking
  • Unlimited payable resources
  • Unlimited payable person.
  • Three type of date format.
  • Add unlimited product attributes.
  • Add unlimited product features.
  • pickup and return location added.
  • Add pickup and return location cost
  • Admin email notification during new order
  • Set PrePayment during booking
  • Payment due feature
  • Customers email notification during complete order, cancel order, or refund order
  • Product local and global settings
  • Order processing , complete , on-hold, cancel email notification to customers
  • PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer, Credit Card payment system
  • Invoice system
  • Email confirmation
  • Full calendar order report for site admin
  • Multilingual

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v13.0.1- 1 July 2022

-  Fixed same time overlap issue on checkout
-  Add description support on resource
-  Add option to make resource as mandatory or optional

v13.0.0 – 28 June 2022

-  Fixed same time overlap issue on cart

v12.0.9- 4th June 22

- Fixed mail fire twice on RFQ issue
- Fixed incl tax issue on product price showing issue
- Fixed rnb addons page design
- Fixed deposit refund issue
- Discount cost issue on cart page
- Fixed fake order issue

v12.0.7- 11th May 22

- Fixed compatible issue with rnb-extend-order 1.0.1

v12.0.6 – 23th April 22

- Fixed rnb calendar issue
- Fixed one day less booking issue on rnb-calendar

v12.0.5 – 6th April 22

- Fixed deposit refund issue
- Fixed missing deposit amount on item total on rnb calendar and google calendar
- Fixed get product type issue

v12.0.4 – 29th March 22

- Cart warning fixed

v12.0.3 – 25th March 22

- Fixed RFQ password issues
- Fixed Google calendar single date booking sync issue
- Fixed issues when time fields are disabled
- Extend order compatibility issues fixed
- Translations files updated

v12.0.1 – 25th Feb 22

- Fixed Google calendar date issue
- Make it compatible with RnB backend booking
- Fixed iPhone calendar zoom issue
- Translations files updated
- Fixed RFQ checkout issue

v12.0.0 – 21 January 22

- Compatibility check with turbo
- Google map issue fixed
- Error checking for date availability

v11.0.9 – 30 December 21

- issue fixes for extension plugins

v11.0.8 – 23 December 21

- RnB item total issue fixed
- Trailing date include in booking

v11.0.7 – 26 November 21

- Filter hooks added for cost calculations

v11.0.6 – 24 November 21

- Fixed hourly range price issue
- Fixed invalid quantity error issue

v11.0.5 – 16 Nov 21

- Fixed wooCommerce default product type add to cart issue

v11.0.4 – 08 Nov 21

Caution! Breaking changes

- Code refactor and coding structure change
- Fix calendar issue.
- Fixed category quantity issue
- Price breakdown issue fixes
- Shop page pricing showing issue fixed

v11.0.3 – 26 Aug 21

- Fixed warning in admin order
- Fixed warning for required plugins

v11.0.2 – 15 Aug 21

- Fixed reorder issue
- Fixed multiple quantity issue
- Fixed email translation issue
- Fixed RFQ special character broken issue
- Fixed multiple inventory categories quantity issue
- Fixed label typo

v11.0.0 – 20 April 21

- Fixed payment failed booking issue. 
- Added dynamic duration cost label for a model layout
- Fixed customized location placeholder select issue
- Added missing esc_html inventory translation
- Fixed dynamically generated input field name translation
- Regenerate translation files
- Fixed Google Integration warning message
- Fixed payable person css issue

v10.0.9 – 11 March 21

- Fixed monthly pricing reset issue.

v10.0.8 – 02 March 21

- Fixed double click issue
- Fixed backend pricing translation issue
- Fixed layout two css issue
- Updated datejs package
- Fixed generic categories quantity issue
- Fixed categories quantity issue for Avada theme
- Added support email Unicode blog name

v10.0.7 – 11 Jan 21

- Fixed price conflict issue

v10.0.6 – 28 Dec 20

- Added GDPR option for RFQ form
- Fixed compatibility issue for WP 5.6

v10.0.5 – 12 Nov 20

- RFQ email...