Use the smart WordPress plugin Float Menu Pro to increase the usability level of the site. Implement your unique floating menu using advanced tool settings. It perfectly adapts to any design of the web resource and does not take up much of the screen space.

The menu moves along with the scrolling of the page and always remains invisibility. The convenient solution does not detract from the main content. Users can always use the navigation bar regardless of where they are on the site.

The functional extension allows you to:

  • simplify navigation for the web resource visitors;

  • improve site usability;

  • to find information faster;

  • easily customize the menu for the individual requests;

  • create social buttons and the user control panel;

  • edit the appearance of the menu.

The Float Menu Pro plugin is the best tool for creating floating menus of different types. Add the right amount of submenus to implement the comfortable hierarchical navigation bar. Use animation effects to increase the attractiveness and recognition of the site.

Use Float Menu Pro’s capabilities to the full

The Float Menu Pro allows you to set the navigation display selectively for users with or without authorization. The plugin has the multilingual platform and is configured depending on the language of the web resource.

The large set of icons from popular libraries is perfect for creating the unique menu. Use the built-in modal window to inform users or add the form through the shortcode.

Try all the features of the plugin:

  • change the location of your menu on the site;
  • test the plugin on various WordPress themes;
  • add the unlimited number of menu items on the page;
  • adjust indents between the labels, the main buttons and submenus;
  • use hierarchy for comfortable navigation;
  • change the appearance of the panel to your flavor;
  • experiment with dies and labels of menu items;
  • use the animation to create interesting effects;
  • customize the modal window for personal purposes, change its location and color palette.

Make your website more vibrant and comfortable than ever before.


= Version 5.0  =
- Added: Hover color for items
- Added: Font style for Label
- Added: Possibility to add emoji to Label
- Added: Extra text field for menu items
- Improved: styles and scripts
- Fixed: offset from the sub under
- Fixed: hide the menu on the print window
- Fixed: hide the panel for function translate

= Version 4.1.2 =
- Improvement: close the submenus on scroll
- Fixed: function for setting the date for show the menu

= Version 4.1.1 =
- Fixed: minor bugs

= Version 4.1 =
- Added: 'Import/Export' function
- Added: options for show menu 'Only on Search Page', 'Only on Archive Pages'
- Added: Ability to use custom icons from other icon fonts
- Added: Next and Previous link in the Post
- Fixed: minor bugs
- Fixed: options 'Go Back', 'Go Forward'
- Fixed: work with shortcode in popup
- Fixed: Insert the video in popup

= Version 4.0 =
- Changed: Admin style.
- Added: option Schedule for display the menu
- Added: option 'browser dependency'
- Added: option 'Attribute: rel' to link
- Added: display text instead of icon
- Fixed: minor bugs

= Version 3.7.1 =
- Fixed: Conflict between FontAwesome versions

= Version 3.7 =
- Added: Translate option for menu item
- Added: options Activate/Deactivate menu and Test mode

= Version 3.6 =
- Fixed: option 'search'

= Version 3.5 =
- Added option 'search' for the menu item
- Added attribute 'alt' to a custom image
- Added option 'Publish'->'All pages, expect'
- Added option for hide menu after position
- Added option 'Publish'->'Only on homepage'
- Fixed: minor bugs in admin
- Fixed option 'Hold open'

= Version 3.4 =
- ADDED share on: draugiem, whatsapp, diaspora, digg, douban, evernote, flipboard, google bookmarks, hacker news, instapaper, line, qzone, renren
- FIXED link with URL which contains #
- UPDATED Font Awesome Icons to version 5.14

= Version 3.3.1 =
- Fixed: submenu link

= Version 3.2.1 =
- Fixed: show menu on taxonomy post
- Fixed: Font Awesome icon classes

ver 3.2
- Added: functions to Item type: Go Back and Go Forward
- Updated: Font Awesome to version 5.11.2
- Fixed: show menu on taxonomy category

ver 3.0
- Added: option for disable FontAwesome 5 from front-end
- Added: 14 sharing page services
- Added: custom atributte CLASS and ID to menu item
- Added: type link Email and Telephone
- Added: Open link in the new window
- Updated: FontAwesom to 5.6.3
Ver 2.4
- Added: Label font size settings
 - Update: FontAwesome to the version 5.2.0
Ver 2.2.1
- Added: setting for icon size
- Added: setting for icon size on mobile
- Optimized: main style and script of the plugin
- Fixed: save and created a new items
- Fixed: click on  mobile
- Fixed: list of float menus