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The BEST plugin to manage your WordPress media in the easiest way!

Manage thousands of media files and folders in your WordPress media library swiftly and smoothly! A breakthrough in WordPress media library management and organization – WP Media Manager.

WP Media Manager plugin gives you options to organize your media library in the easiest and fastest way possible. Drag, drop, customize, order, filter, create and duplicate media files and folders of your WordPress gallery in the most convenient way with this premium WordPress Media Library plugin.

WP Media Manager is not just a WordPress Media Library plugin though. It is one plugin that sorts and solves all your needs related to media files and folders’ management in WordPress. This plugin is so powerful that it allows you to organize thousands of media files with folder management functionality with almost no effort. And inserting media files into folder/subfolders is a child play with the plugin, just drag and drop to complete the insert functions. The easy drag and drop methods also make it super easy for you to sort out your large number of images.

Just with this one plugin, enhance your WordPress default media manager. Enjoy the folder enhancement features provided by the plugin and manage your WordPress media library like a pro and with ease.

This plugin has advanced features with
Drag and Drop Media Files and Folders,
Multiple Folders Creation,
Ordering & Filtering Options,
3 Inbuilt Responsive
Gallery Beautiful Themes : Grid, Masonry , Slider/Carousal,
Duplicate Media Files Options and many more.

Create Unlimited Folder Hierarchy

With this WP Media Manager plugin, you can even create unlimited folder hierarchy.
It is a fully responsive plugin. It is an easy-to-use WP Media Library plugin with an intuitive drag and drop interface. No coding skill required!

Drag and Drop Media Files and Folders

– Simply Drag’n drop media files to organizing files, images in folders or subfolders. Even drag folders into another destination folder to create its sub folders in a most easiest way.

More Features

  • Multiple Folders Creation & Deletion – Create multiple folders with sub folders in a more easy method. Rename specific folder name, delete options available. Note: Our plugin doesn’t create real folders.
  • Media Files Ordering & Filtering Options -Feature to add multiple custom filter options such as add custom size and weight.
    – Enable/ Disable Filter options on media library toolbar.
  • 3 Inbuilt Responsive Gallery Beautiful Themes – Awesome Gallery Themes Within Media Gallery: Grid , Masonry and Slider/Carousal with many slider customization options
  • Easily Duplicate Media Files – Duplicate your media files with any mime types easily from media library itself.
  • Gallery Slider Shortcode From Folders – Configure multiple options for gallery slider layout on wordpress editor shortcode implementation.
  • Single File Design Customization Options
    – Enable/Disable single PDF file designing options with custom options.
    – Show beautifully embed PDF file layout by setup single file options for pdf files type.
  • Lightbox Extension

    • Enable/disable Lightbox
    • 5 PrettyPhoto Lightbox themes
    • Animation Speed
    • Slideshow Speed
  • Import Categories -Easily import all categories and implement it on folder management.
  • Import All Server Folders and Media – A very useful tools available to import a massive amount of media from a ftp server folders, sub folders in your WordPress media library directly.
  • Download Folder In Zip – Feature to download specific folder in zip format.

General Settings

Create Media Folders / Sub Folders

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