Car Rental Booking System is a powerful online reservation WordPress plugin which provides all the tools and features needed to run your car rental business. It provides a simple, step-by-step booking process with online payments, e-mail and sms notifications, WooCommerce and Google Calendar integration and an intuitive backend administration.

The plugin is designed to support an unlimited number of locations and an unlimited number of vehicles and is loaded with rich features such as an unlimited number of booking forms, pricing rules for different cars and dates, booking add-ons to order, custom vehicle attributes, integration with payment services, custom booking form fields builder and more…

Latest Version: 18.08.2022 – v3.2. Check the changelog


Car Rental Booking Core Features

Responsive Layout

Car Rental Booking is fully responsive which means each and every plugin element adapts perfectly for any screen size.

Step Based Navigation

The navigation in the plugin is based on convenient steps with the possibility of returning to already completed steps (remembers once completed forms).

Map of Car Rental Locations

Define an unlimited number of locations and set up address and contact data for each one, assign cars, set own rental rules. All locations will be displayed on the map.

Multiple Booking Forms

You can create an unlimited number of booking forms and use different settings for each of them.

Rental Period Range / After Hours Return

You can set up car rental for a specified period of time and allow booking up to defined number of days in advance. Decide if you allow the car to be returned after office opening hours.

Business Hours

Specify working days/hours (in HH:MM time format) for each day of the week.

Excluded Dates / Email Notifications

Specify and manage the dates not available for booking. Define the list of recipients and select the sender’s email account from which the messages will be sent with info about new bookings.

Multiple Payment Methods

Car Rental Booking plugin provides multiple payment methods including PayPal, Stripe, Cash and Wire Transfer. You can choose all or selected for a given location.

Custom Colors

Define your own colors to match booking form to your site.

Booking Extras

Add an unlimited number of add-ons which can then be selected by the customer, like child seat, additional driver or GPS navigation.

Add-On Options

Define whether an add-on can be ordered more then once, set the maximum number possible to order, the price per single addition and the method of calculating the fee, i.e. per entire rental period or per single day. You can also define you custom tax rate.


Define an unlimited number of vehicles (cars for rent) and set a number of parameters for them. Set vehicle name and description, featured image and vehicle type, make and model. Assign a vehicle to the location(s), enter number of seats and maximum number of suitcases. Enter the type of gearbox, fuel policy and the permissible age of the driver.
Enter price of rental per single day, deposit amount, one way fee and after business hours return fee (if applicable), specify tax rates and your own attributes to the vehicle. You can even specify the dates in which the vehicle is not available.

Attribute Types

You can define an unlimited number of vehicle attributes like color, engine, etc. and then you can assign them to individual vehicles in their settings.

Vehicle Attributes

Give values to vehicle attributes while editing a vehicle.

Tax Rates / Currency

Define available tax rates like 0%, 8%, 23% and choose one of the 160 available currencies.

Smart Sticky Sidebar

Booking details with the summary of your order is always visible even when scrolling the page.

WPBakery Page Builder Integration / Nexmo SMS Integration

Car Rental Booking comes integrated with popular WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress plugin. We’ve also added full integration with Nexmo API for SMS notifications to improve the customer experience.

One Click Demo Install

Import demo data to start with by using plugin settings menu.

Backend Feature List of Car Rental Booking System for WordPress


The module allows you to create a location of your car rental operation and you can create an unlimited number of different locations. Each location has individual settings.

  • Browse, add, edit or delete locations.
  • Specify how many days in advance you accept reservations.
  • Allow / disallow to return vehicles after business hours of the location.
  • Set location address, contact details and location on the map.
  • Define working hours for different days of the week.
  • Exclude dates from the booking.
  • Set available payment methods for the location. Choose between PayPal, Stripe, Cash and Wire Transfer.
  • Set notification options.

Booking Forms

With this module you can create an unlimited number of booking forms and for each of the forms define different settings.

  • Browse, add, edit or delete booking forms.
  • Select available locations.
  • Set minimum gross value of the order to send a booking.
  • Set timepicker interval in minutes.
  • Set default status for new orders.
  • Enable or disable smart sticky option for summary sidebar.
  • Decide whether to display vehicle filter bar on step 2 of the booking form.
  • Decide whether to display rental price per single day on step 2 of the booking form.
  • Build your own fields of the order form, decide whether they are optional or required, specify error messages.
  • Add custom agreements needed to be accepted by the customer.
  • Define your custom color style of the form.
  • Specify Google Map settings like wheel scrolling, dragging behavior. Style the map your way with custom JSON.


Displays a list of all submitted orders (bookings) in the system.

  • Browse, edit or delete submitted bookings.
  • Set statuses for bookings: New Booking, Accepted,…