Multilingual WordPress Made Easy

Translating a WordPress website should not be complicated, it should be easy. Our new multilingual WordPress Plugin helps you to translate your site into different languages.

!! You need a WordPress Multisite in order to use our plugin !!Read more if you do not know what a WP Multisite is.

  • Simply manage WP Translations
  • Connect Posts & Terms
  • Country Selector Dropdown & Page
  • Automatic Language Redirect
  • Automatic / Machine Translation via Google, Microsoft or DeepL
  • Synchronize Post / Product data (e.g. stock, post title) and metas
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Assign Translators (custom user role)
  • Copy Posts or Terms to other languages
  • Copy complete blog to a new site
  • Im- or Export posts via JSON (e.g. for external translations)
  • one Media Database for your complete network

Plugin Features


  • WordPress Multisite Environment


  • WordPress 3.8+
  • PHP 5.6+


- NEW:    Added file_get_contents error message when using microsoft translation server
- FIX:    Posts created on sync when disabled
- FIX:    Fatal error when copy
- FIX:    Cache not regenerated
- FIX:    wpmu_new_blog is deprecated
- FIX:    Removed media delete (caused issues when a blog was deleted)
- FIX:    Removed BR Tags from machine translation
- FIX:    Post & Terms transient issue when same ID
- FIX:    Flag not showing for CPT
- FIX:    Performance increase
- FIX:    Do not delete media on blog copy

- NEW:    Added Machine Translation support for Gutenberg
- NEW:    Had to add an option for Machien divi support
        this needs to be DISABLED when using Gutenberg (disabled by default)
- NEW:    Elementor copy pages with indepth data support
- NEW:    Option to disable the items connected in the overview
- FIX:    HTML Comments were removed from auto translation
- FIX;    figure & figcaption elements were removed from machine translation
- FIX:    Sync performance
- FIX:    blockquote, em & cite HTML tags removed
- FIX:    Show duplicate edit / new icons in posts overview
- FIX:    Copy elementor pages caused issue with no filtering tags

- NEW:    Sync post / product images

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- NEW: Removed extrem IP Lookup service using now (free) API key is no longer needed - NEW: Flags show in custom post types overview page - NEW: Added support for filter everything pro widget (using default replace URL) - NEW: Added support for ACF Repeater Fields - NEW: Added segmentation support for _elementor_data key - FIX: Machine translation custom fields work with arrays now - FIX: Varchar for "type" increased to 50 - FIX: Country names not translated in Dropdown of local language ====== 1.2.6 ====== - FIX: BR tags removed on auto translate - FIX: Connected Terms not working ====== 1.2.5 ====== - NEW: Option to remove a connected post / term search for "none" in connected posts select field - FIX: Link appeared in top bar ====== 1.2.4 ====== - NEW: Post copier will now also copy images inside post_content, that have only IDs. Example: gallery ids="123,456" will copy images with ID 123 & 456 and replace the Ids in the copied post
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- NEW: Support for our helpdesk plugin - FIX: Improved the performance dramatically (reduced nearly 200 SQL queries) - FIX: get_base_for_taxonomy works now also for custom post types ====== 1.2.3 ====== - NEW: Create Multilingual Shortlink Redirects
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- FIX: Connected posts will show ALL posts now in backend - FIX: Current post / term ID will not show in connected posts - FIX: Machine translation added option for arrays - FIX: added a flush rewrite rules function after term sync ====== 1.2.2 ====== - NEW: Easily switch to admin translated pages using the new Admin Country Selector
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- NEW: Machine Translation Debug mode - FIX: Performance increase (only using one get_admin_url query) ====== 1.2.1 ====== - NEW: Huge performance increase in single post edit in backend due to using AJAX queries now
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- NEW: Bot detection to not redirect them - FIX: Added better DIVI support for machine translations - FIX: Meta keys not translated by machine translation - FIX: Machine translation issue with tables & span HTML tags ====== 1.2.0 ====== - NEW: DeepL Free Support
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See: - NEW: PHP 8.0 Support - FIX: Upgraded all vendor extensions ====== 1.1.22 ====== - FIX: Auto translate removed H Tags - FIX: Issue with litespeed server ====== 1.1.21 ====== - NEW: Added Translation files for Italian, German, French, Spanish, Dutch - FIX: Product meta & data sync now support WC lookup table chaching ====== 1.1.20 ====== - FIX: Post im export disabled by default now - FIX: IP redirection issue ====== 1.1.19 ====== - NEW: Automatic IP redirection
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FAQ: - NEW: Set a custom country selector blog name & flag image URL
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- FIX: Redirect uses 302 now for best practices ====== 1.1.18 ====== - FIX: Too many redirects for excluding sites ====== 1.1.17 ====== - NEW: In Backend the excluded sites will still show - NEW: Moved CSS into footer - NEW: HTML lang attribute now uses alternate tag set - FIX: Default lang not available in machine translation - FIX: Flag icons loaded locally now - FIX: Strong & B Tags broke translation ====== 1.1.16 ====== - FIX: Auto redirect...