The Ultimate WordPress Country Picker

Guide your users to your Country Specific Website translated in their language. Let us take this example: A User from Netherland visits your French site (e.g. / shop. That should be no problem but you already have a Dutch translated Website (e.g.! So why not show him? With this plugin a simple Country Selector Popup will show the user that there is a Dutch Website he can visit.

Not a friend of a popup? Just show the user a simple “Choose your Country”-Widget in the Footer oder Header. This will bring the user to an Overview page with all your country specific websites. With flags, maps, continents! Saving the best for last: The content will be shown in the Users Language!


WP Country Selector Features

  • More than 5 possible layouts
  • Show Default Country: Show a Default Country URL if none of Users languages are covered. Otherwise the user will not get a Popup.
  • Default Country URL: This site will be used if the users locale is not covered!
  • Force Redirect: Automatically Redirect the User.
  • Configure the seconds when the Redirect should happen
  • Show a Country Selector Page
  • Country Selector URL Set your Country Selector URL.Remember to add the shortcode: [wordpress_country_selector]
  • Show Continents as Filter
  • 2 Page Styles
  • Show a Country Flags
  • 2 Flag Style (simple and circle)
  • Show a Country Map
  • Show the Country Popup Notice
  • 2 Popup Style (Modal, Header)
  • Edit Popup Text Color
  • Edit Popup Background Color
  • Modal size
  • Show Header
  • Custom Header Text
  • Show Body
  • Show Footer
  • Custom CSS: Add some stylesheet if you want.
  • Well Documentented


  • Tested with WordPress 3.8+


  • WordPress 3.8.1+
  • PHP 5.2+
  • Multilingual Support


- NEW:    Added support for WPML URLs like "de-de" (5 Chars)
- FIX:    Closed XSS Scripting vulnerable
- FIX:    PHP Notice

- FIX:    Removed extrem IP Lookup service using now (free)
    API key is no longer needed

- NEW:    From now on you need to get an API key even for 10.000 free 
    requests. Please sign up here:
- NEW:    Reworked some admin panel settings
- NEW:    Removed font awesome

- NEW:    Save IP service lookups by saving data in cookie
- NEW:    You can now set an API key for service (when requets exceed 10.000 per Month)

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====== 1.6.2 ====== - NEW: Dropped Redux Framework support and added our own framework Read more here: This ensure auto updates & removes all gutenberg stuff You can delete Redux (if not used somewhere else) afterwards
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====== 1.6.1 ====== - NEW: Added MENA Region - NEW: Removed the country <> continent subsection in plugin settings, because mena and africe can have the same countries - FIX: Updated Bot detection library (front and backend) ====== 1.6.0 ====== - NEW: Added 5 new text field to plugin settings directly See: ====== 1.5.8 ====== - FIX: Removed cyprus from Asia continent ====== 1.5.7 ====== - FIX: Force redirect and 0 seconds issue ====== 1.5.6 ====== - FIX: PHP notices ====== 1.5.5 ====== - NEW: Added a checkbox to general settings to deactivate getting sites country by wp-admin users language General > Get current Sites Country by Language ====== 1.5.4 ====== - FIX: Important update to the location API ====== 1.5.3 ====== - FIX: Continue popup style shows try correct page URLs - FIX: Added an ltrim slashes to dropdown widget ====== 1.5.2 ====== - FIX: Performance optimizations for Redux when not admin - FIX: Added an ltrim slashes to try to correct page URL ====== 1.5.1 ====== - FIX: Redirect issue ====== 1.5.0 ====== - NEW: Redirect Default URL by Cookie If a user has choosen a country before and visits the default site, he will be redirected. Users still can access country URLs (other than the force redirect method). ====== 1.4.4 ====== - FIX: Moved Turkey to EU - FIX: Always show popup caused infinite redirection when force redirection enabled ====== 1.4.3 ====== - FIX: !IMPORTANT! Replaced Geolocation service -> Required update ====== 1.4.2 ====== - NEW: Added prefilled translation files for DE, NL, FR, IT & ES - FIX: PHP Notices - FIX: Added translation support for modal strings ====== 1.4.1 ====== - FIX: Added support for arabic / non-utf8 urls ====== 1.4.0 ====== - NEW: Link to existing pages on other country site e.g. => this requires urls to be equal in source and destination site - NEW: You can now use %s in widget or shortcode text %s will be replaced with the current country Name - FIX: Better current flag display for widget & shortcode ====== 1.3.2 ====== - FIX: Issue with "stay at international" ====== 1.3.1 ====== - FIX: Flags & Continents missing - FIX: Removed TGMPA plugin - FIX: Updated Translation FIles - FIX: Backend API Service changed also ====== 1.3.0 ====== - FIX: PHP Notice issue ====== 1.2.9 ====== - NEW: ! Important Update ! As of 1st of July the old geoip provider we used "" is no longer available, we switched to a new one: "" You need to update our plugin otherwise it won't work anymore after 1st of July ====== 1.2.8 ====== - FIX: [ wordpress_country_selector ] shortcode now with ob buffering - FIX: Added Internation also to the...