Note: Make sure you take a backup of your website including database before updating plugin to latest version.

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“WooCommerce Vehicle Parts Finder – Make/Model/Year/Engine/Category/Keyword” is one of the best plugin for find Vehicles or Vehicle Parts on the website based on Make/Model/Year/Engine/Category/Keyword. The plugin provides very easy interface to use for Admin. Admin can add filter widget anywhere on the website using either widget section or shortcode.

Note: Please remember to backup your database before updating plugin or importing CSV file.


  • Provides an easy interface to add/remove Engine, Categories and Keyword Filters
  • WPML Supported


  • A plugin for vehicle parts search based on Make/Model/Year/Engine/Category/Keyword
  • Allows you to add multiple Makes from an easy interface
  • Allows you to add multiple Models relevant to a particular Make from an easy interface
  • Allows you to add multiple Years relevant to a particular Model from an easy interface
  • Allows you to add multiple Engines relevant to a particular Year from an easy interface
  • Allows you to show/hide Engines filter
  • Allows you to show/hide Categories filter
  • Allows you to show/hide Keyword filter
  • Allows you to enable/disable additional tab on product details page to show Makes/Models/Years/Engines
  • Allows you to enable/disable jQuery Chosen for plugin select boxes to make them more user friendly
  • Provides a very easy interface to associate Makes, Models, Years and Engines for a Product
  • Provides “WooCommerce Vehicle Parts Finder – Make/Model/Year” widget as well as shortcode for easy use
  • Upload Makes/Models/Years/Engines in bulk through import tool
  • Users can search for Products/Parts based on the criteria they want to choose
  • Mobile friendly (Responsive) and easy to setup and use


  • Fully controllable for admin
  • Saves search histories for non-logged users
  • Allow logged-in users to save their searches
  • Users can re-visit their searches from My Vehicles widget
  • An easy popup to add more searches in histories



= 3.5 =
* Fixed: Compatibility issues with the latest version of PHP, WordPress and WooCommerce
* Fixed: PHP 8.x warnings, errors and deprecated functions/scripts
* Fixed: JavaScript warnings
* Fixed: Dropdowns to use dynamic labels
* Added: Product tab terms list to load via AJAX which speeds up the initial loading for product details page

= 3.4 =
* Fixed compatibility issues with latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce
* Fixed PHP 7.x conflicts/warnings
* Fixed few CSS tweaks

= 3.3 =
* Tested with latest version of WordPress/WooCommerce
* Fixed range support issue in new CSV importer
* Fixed comma support issue in new CSV importer

= 3.2 =
* Added a progress bar UI to CSV Importer
* Improved slow loading "Edit Product" page issue
* Added a shortcode for product terms list
* Fixed non-showing associated terms on "Edit Product" page

= 3.1 =
* Fixed conflicts with latest version of WordPress/WooCommerce
* Added option to show/hide empty terms in dropdown

= 3.0 =
* Replaced Session with Cookies as per WordPress guidelines
* Removed empty categories and fixed categories count on search results page
* Fixed few styling issues in backend eg: Multi Select boxes
* Fixed search to work with all themes using pre_get_posts
* Fixed product edit screen to show associated VPF terms ( Had a conflict before with few themes )
* VPF TERMS "Ajaxify meta box" to add new row on top, no more at the bottom of section
* Fixed "slow loading terms in dropdown" issue while having empty terms in database
* Fixed import issue while having same SKU associated to multiple products
* Fixed WooCommerce Breadcrumbs while on search results page
* Fixed PHP 7.x Conflicts eg: Universal Products, Warnings

= 2.9 =
* Fixed 'Page Not Found' issue while view models in dashboard
* Added few new filters eg: woo_vpf_filter_form_action, woo_vpf_filter_posts_priority, woo_vpf_filter_posts_where_priority ..
* Fixed few PHP warnings ( Undefined index: year, implode(): Invalid arguments passed - $user_search )
* Removed WooCommerce deprecated scripts
* Tested with latest version of WordPress/WooCommerce
* Fixed JS to work even if page loads through JS/AJAX
* Fixed duplicating product not duplicating VPF terms relations issue
* Added security checks for PCI compiler
* Disabled empty terms on front end dropdowns
* Fixed error in case if WooCommerce is not active

= 2.8 =
* Updated jQuery Chosen library
* Fixed duplicate VPF Terms issue while duplicates product
* Added Accordion to Plugin Settings Panel
* Added custom filter to sort/manage terms according to your need in product custom tab
* Fixed few mis-typed filters/hooks
* Fixed few options so that you can leave them blank eg: "Saved Vehicles - No Items", "Vehicles History - No Items" 
* Fixed "My Vehicles" widget so it auto hides when clicking outside of widget

= 2.7 =
* Fixed PHP 7.x conflicts/warnings
* Fixed undefined variable warnings
* Fixed conflict with WooCommerce Layered Nav filter widget
* Fixed conflict with get_search_query
* Fixed WPML search conflict
* Fixed invalid/large Year Range issue so max 100 years per range
* Fixed wrong year ranges issue in custom tab on product details screen
* Fixed CSV import issue with term name having "&" 
* Fixed few typo with plugin filters
* Added esc_scl with queried keyword
* Changed VPF Term Labels in admin baed on saved settings
* Updated jQuery libraries

= 2.6 =
* Fixed PHP 7.x Conflicts eg: Universal Products, Warnings
* Fixed few PHP warnings ( undefined $show_keyword...