WooCommerce Fancy Category Accordion

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The shop admin , can create different category accordion by:

excluding on each one categories
displaying or not empty categories
choosing custom icon or image for each category
choosing an icon to open /close the accordion
choosing a default icon for all categories
set up font style and background
choosing the type of the animation for accordion and more ……

  • 25+ Animation Effects for the accordion
  • Add in pages , posts , widget
  • Category custom Icon or Image
  • Display products counter to categories
  • Exclude categories from accordion
  • Exclude empty categories from accordion
  • Font-awesome icons for categories
  • Font-awesome icons open close accordion
  • Font styling colors , size , hover
  • Background styling colors
  • and many other options to create nice category accordion.

Add the Fancy Category Accordion in Pages or Posts

Fancy Category Accordion as Widget in the Sidebar

Assing Category Icon or Image

Frontend Demo