WooCommerce Cross Sell and Upsell is a straightforward and effective sales strategy. WooCommerce Cross Sell and Upsell is a popular marketing technique. The technique used in WooCommerce Cross Sell and Upsell is wisely suggesting or recommending products, stimulating customer purchases, and assisting shop owners in increasing sales. Grasping these demands of online businessmen, VillaTheme developed a special tool for WooCommerce Cross Sell and Upsell that promises to create WooCommerce Cross-Sell and Upsell quickly, effectively, and optimally. Let’s find out about this plugin.

WooCommerce Boost Sales stimulates the purchase of customers by up-selling, cross-selling. Increase revenue as well as profitability for your website, stores. WooCommerce Boost Sales allows you to add WooCommerce Cross Sell and Upsell products in an independent system of WooCommerce.

Up-selling is the practice in which a business tries to persuade customers to purchase a higher-end product, an upgrade, or an additional item in order to make a more rewarding sale. For instance, a salesperson may influence a customer into purchasing the newest version of an item, rather than the less-expensive current model, by pointing out its additional features.

A similar marketing technique is cross-selling, where the salesperson suggests the purchase of additional products for sale. For example, he might say “Would you like some ice cream to go with that cake?” It is beneficial for businesses to use both techniques in order to boost revenue and provide a valued customer experience. However, research has shown that upselling is generally more effective than cross-selling.

    • WooCommerce Upsell: Woocommerce Upsell pop-up appears after customers click on the
      Adds to cart button, suggesting customers buy up-sell products which give you more profit.
    • WooCommerce Cross sell: Display cross-sell pop-up in the single product page, cart page, check-out page. Suggest customers buy a bundle product that has a lower price.
    • Discount Bar: Displays how much you need to spend to get a discount. Stimulate customers to buy more products.
    • Frequently bought together: Frequently bought together is a feature that helps you flexibly choose to display WooCommerce Cross-sell and Upsells on the single product page.
    • Design Upsells, Cross sells, and Discount bar on the front end.



  • Display up-sells pop-up: Display a WooCommerce upsell popup which introduces up-sell products when customers hit the Add to Cart button. Up-sells products are similar products but give you more profit.
  • Sync data with WooCommerce: If you have created WooCommerce upsell products before, the plugin allows you to sync and use these products to WooCommerce Boost Sales.
  • Add up-sell products to each product: Configure which products will appear on the up-sell pop-up of each product.
  • Hide on single product pages: Enable/disable the pop-up on single product pages
  • Show all products in the category: Display all products in the category of the product customers just add to cart in up-sell pop-up.
  • Exclude product: Select products you don’t want to appear on up-sell pop-up.
  • Customize up-sells pop-up: Select the pop-up style, customize how many products appear on the pop-up, customize the message.
  • AJAX Add to Cart: Add up-sell products to the cart without reloading the page.


  • Product Bundles: Creating product bundles then selling at discounted prices.
  • Show Cross-sells popup: Display WooCommerce cross sell pop-up with a bundled product that includes the product that customers are going to buy.
  • Display under Add to cart button: Display WooCommerce cross sell bundle under the Add to cart button on the single product page.
  • Configure which page to appear: Select which pages will the WooCommerce cross sell pop-up appear on.
  • Select the product bundle to display: In case a product is in 2 or more bundles, you can select to display the highest price or just random.
  • Variation products: It is available to add variation products to cross-sell bundles, customers can also choose the variable option right in the pop-up.
  • Customize the message: Customize the cross-sell pop-up message (Hang on we have this offer just for you)
  • Unlimited design: Customize the cross-sell bundle with background, text, icon, initial delay.
  • Position: Choose to display the cross-sell bundle under the add to cart button, above the product description, or on a pop-up.
  • Bundle name: By default, the bundle will be named “Bundle of …” you are able to change this name.
  • Discount rule: Set up the default discount price of the bundle using rules. Each rule will be applied for a price range.
  • Sync Cross-Sell from WooCommerce: Sync cross-sell bundles from WooCommerce cross-sell.
  • AJAX Add to Cart: Add bundles to the cart without reloading the page.
  • Use bundle for other products: After creating a bundle, you can display it on many other products.


  • Frequently bought together is a feature that helps you flexibly choose to display WooCommerce Cross-sell and Upsells on the single product page.
  • Source: There are many sources that you can choose to display on the Frequently bought together:

    • Upsells – Same as Up-sells products