WooCommerce AliExpress Dropship

Dropshipping is a shipping method where the online store owners don’t keep the products stocked in their store, Instead of this all the products are stored in various third-party warehouses across the region. So when a customer places an order, the product is directly shipped from the nearest warehouse instead of the store. The admin can add multiple warehouses for a product with the quantity accordingly.

Now, the admin will be able to import products from AliExpress into his store and can start selling those products within his store very easily. To place the orders at AliExpress the admin just needs to click a single button and then make the payment as we have automated the order process for the AliExpress orders.

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Why WooCommerce AliExpress Dropship?


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Features of WooCommerce AliExpress Dropship


  • Warehouse Management – add warehouses and manage warehouses accordingly.

  • Create a warehouse manager for a particular warehouse.

  • **Mass assign or Unassign products to a warehouse.

  • Import products from AliExpress into your store.

  • Import products from the AliExpress search page or from the category pages.

  • Shop URL verification while registering your WooCommerce store on AliExpress to import products from there.

  • Description of the product also gets imported from AliExpress.

  • The product information like base name, price, product reviews, meta description, SKU, description, and variations get imported along with the product

  • View all AliExpress Orders in a separate section.

  • Automated Order Process for the AliExpress Orders.

  • Mass Assign/Un-Assign the imported products AliExpress to various warehouses.

  • Set the Default quantity and cost of the imported products when they are assigned to the warehouse.

  • **Update products that already exist on importing from Aliexpress.

  • **Importing reviews on the basis of selected countries.

  • **Autosync feature for auto-updating inventory details of the product.

  • **Manually enable or disable the auto syncing process.

  • **Setting a time interval for the syncing of product details.

  • **Importing product inventory details.

Highlighted Features

**1- Add Product from AliExpress
The complimentary gift will be customized in the WooCommerce backend by the admin.

**2- Specifications for Product Modification
When modifying a product, change the information.

3- Product Variations Imported

The admin can import the AliExpress item with the variants.

**4- Store Authentication

The system authenticates the store by adding its URL.

Business Use


Dropshipping is a form of eCommerce business technique where the store owner does not keep the actual inventory of the products in his or her store.

Instead, each object is maintained in a different warehouse scattered around the area. The items are not shipped from the store when a customer puts an order; instead, they are sent immediately from the closest warehouse.

AliExpress is one of the most well-known platforms for eCommerce businesses. To import products from Aliexpress, we developed the WooCommerce Dropship Management Module. Using the module, the admin may manage the products from the back end.


"Initial release v 1.0.0", "Current release v 1.6.0"
v 1.6.0

Update: Updated the plugin for the simple product. Fixed: Fix Phpcs Issues Added: Added translations. Fixed: Fixed Errors. Update: Updated Code Standard.

    <pre>v 1.5.1

Update: Updated the plugin for the simple product. Fixed: Updated readme file.

    <pre>v 1.5.0

Update: Updated the plugin with new AliExpress site changes. Fixed: Fixed product image. Fixed: Fixed product review import issue.

    <pre>v 1.4.0

Added: Added feature for updating products that already exist on importing from Aliexpress. Added: Added feature for importing reviews based on selected countries.

    <pre>v 1.3.0

Added: Added auto-sync feature for auto-updating inventory details of the product. Added: Added feature for manually enabling or disabling the auto syncing process. Added: Added option for setting the time interval for the syncing of product details. Added: Added feature for importing product inventory details. Fixed: Fixed validation issues in displaying and updating quantities.

    <pre>v 1.2.0

Added: Added screen options, and filters. Fixed: Fixed issues in the order menu on the admin side.

    <pre>v 1.1.0

Update: Given support importing the variable products. Added: Added option for importing feedback. Fixed: Fixed issues related to price.

    <pre>v 1.0.0

Initial release