Tested with latest WHMCS.8.5.1 & WP 6.0.1

Alternate to WHMCS-Bridge with a one-time payment and lifetime updates

WHMCS Client Area Plugin is part of creativeON’s WHMPress – WHMCS WP Integration Stack. It brings WHMCS Client area with WordPress using WHMCS-API. Links to other plugins in Integration stack at end of the page. More on WHMPress – WHMCS WP Integration Stack at end of page

WCAP will bring WHMCS Client Area functionality to WordPress through WHMCS API, this is the part that user will access after logging into to their WHMCS. It also offers ordering and cart. It does not iframe existing WHMCS pages into WordPress, but it uses API to transfer only data, and then re-make all pages within WordPress. This approach gives a real authentic WP experience.

Having this plugin installed your customers will not need to leave your WordPress website to manage their accounts.

This integration will provide your customers a user-friendly and consistent customer experience. Adding value to your Hosting website

Build with API’s


Since it is based on WHMCS API, WCAP will not fetch the whole WHMCS client area as its (like in the case of WHMCS-Bridge). Instead, it communicates with WHMCS in the background to transfer only data over Ajax. And then renders the data using standard WordPress techniques, hence giving your options to change the look & feel as needed.

Style it Up


Who said styling had to be boring? Sick of trying to write custom CSS to match plugins output with your theme? Try WCAPs built-in style options. WCAP is coded to inherit fonts, headings and other basic styling from your WP theme, for the rest you can easily change fonts, colors, borders, etc, to really tweak the look and feel.
By design, it works with any WP theme, And the styling is no more dependent on your WHMCS styling. Now match with your theme without writing custom CSS>



  1. One time payment, lifetime free updates

  2. Hide unwanted pages/ Menus

  3. Options to hide WHMCS Side Bars,

  4. Link Menu to custom URLs Inbuilt style manager so you can match

  5. Built with Ajax

  6. Built with Native WordPress plugin techniques

  7. Easily implement custom CSS

  8. Well documented with tutorials and videos

WCAP is the most complete, flexible & customizable, API based WHMCS Client Area Integration solution for WordPress on the market.

Along with WHMCS API, WCAP uses WHMPress Helper – a custom extended WHMCS API for extended Ajax functionality. WHMPress helper is not part of the WordPress Plugin but is included in the package and is installed in WHMCS.

WHMPress – WHMCS WP Integration Stack

WHMPress – WHMCS WP Integration Stack, is a series of plugins designed and built for web hosts who sell with WHMCS & WordPress as frontend. Each plugin works independently and yet collaborates with other WHMPress plugins when installed.

There are three plugins and one Addon in WHMPress Integration Stack.

  1. WHMCS Sale Pages for WordPress
  2. WHMCS Cart & Order Pages
  3. WHMCS Client Area Plugin
  4. WHMCS Sliders & Comparison Tables (Addon for Sale Pages)

Change log

4.2-revision-2 (02-01-2022)
- Fixed view invoice when it is viewed by WHMCS link.

3.9-revision-5 (15-07-2021)
- Fixed view invoice when it is viewed by WHMCS link.

3.9-revision-4 (10-07-2021)
- Add Full WHMCS client area Access feature

3.9-revision-3 (10-07-2021)
- View invoice issue fixed when trying to access invoice via link

3.9-revision-2 (09-07-2021)
- Make string translatable in the login form
- Bug fixed in showing email history

3.9-revision-1 (24-06-2021)
- Fixed warning in functions_i

3.9-revision-0 (19-06-2021)
- invoice sorting issues fixed

3.8-revision-9 (19-06-2021)
- Fixed warning in common sections

3.8-revision-8 (18-03-2021)
- Change decimal places according to currency format in WHMCS.

3.8-revision-7 (12-03-2021)
- Remove Invoice display styles other than minimal

- WHMCS to WP user synchronization issue fixed

3.8-revision-5 08-02-2021
- User synchronization issue fixed between WHMCS and WP

3.8-revision-4 18-01-2021
- Reset password issue fixed in Login form shortcode

3.8-revision-3 15-01-2021
- Added Auto user synchronization feature from WHMCS to WP.
- Added shortcode whmcs_user_synchronization.

3.8-revision-2 09-01-2020
- Added sign up parameter in login form shortcode.

3.8-revision-1 06-01-2020
- Added client redirection to WHMCS after login through login form shortcode.

3.8 - 02-01-2021
- *NOTE* there are different versions for pre-WHMCS 8.1. WCAP-v.3.8 will only support WHMCS 8.1 and alter.
- compatibility ensured  with WHMCS version 8.1
- Invoice auth settings removed, as it is no longer supported by WHMCS. This functionality now comes with API and it makes the setup easy. No need to change the configuration file now.

3.7-revision-1 09-12-2020
- Fixed issues about client custom fields.

3.7 08-12-2020
- Fixed Reset Client password issue
- WHMCS 7 is not more supported with current plugin files, for WHMCS 7 support, please use the previous versions

3.6-revision-5 20-11-2020
- Fixed activate li issue on the front menu.

3.6-revision-4 09-11-2020
- Fixed missing CSS file issue.

3.6-revision-3 02-11-2020
- Implemented: More than one attachment in the support ticket

3.6-revision-2 10-10-2020
- PHP 7.4 warnings fixed in the common area
- Registration issue fixed with WHMCS 8.0
- Login issue fixed with WHMCS 8.0

3.6-revision-2 10-10-2020
- PHP 7.4 warnings fixed in the common area
- Registration issue fixed with WHMCS 8.0
- Login issue fixed with WHMCS 8.0

3.6 21-09-2020
- Make Plugin compatible with PHP 7.4
- Update Spanish language translation.

3.6-revision-1 23-09-2020
- Reset Password issue is fixed.

3.5-revision-3 27-7-2020
- Move helper outside the package.
- Session related issues fixed.

3.5-revision-3 27-7-2020
- Move helper outside...