Embed Instagram feeds anywhere on your website. Choose a beautifully designed template, connect your Instagram account, and customize unlimited Instagram feeds to embed across your website.
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Add your Instagram feed in less than 7 clicks!

Get started right away with no fuss at all.

  1. Create a new Instagram feed.
  2. Connect an Instagram account.
  3. Add your Instagram feed to your website.

You can embed multiple Instagram feeds on the same website and connect as many Instagram accounts as you want, all for free.

What’s included?

Spotlight’s Instagram feeds are made to automatically blend in seamlessly with your website. From using your theme’s fonts to automatically resizing to fit into any page secion, all you need to do is pick a template and set up your colours.

  • Connect multiple Instagram accounts.
  • Create unlimited Instagram feeds to display on your website.
  • Combine multiple Instagram accounts in a single Instagram gallery.
  • Display Instagram photos, videos, and gallery posts.
  • Free pre-designed templates (or design your custom feed).
  • Get the Grid layout with 20+ design customization options.
  • Set the number of columns and Instagram posts in the feed.
  • Order your Instagram posts by date, popularity, or at random.
  • Customize the design per device (desktop, tablet, phone).
  • Add a popup lightbox to show larger photos and playable videos.
  • Customize your feed header with your Instagram account’s avatar and bio.
  • Customize and translate the “Follow” and “Load more” buttons.
  • Embed your Instagram feed using a block, shortcode, or widget.

Agencies and Freelancers: Spotlight includes an Access Token Generator so your clients won’t need to share their Instagram login details. It’s the safest and fastest way for you to set up their Instagram feeds.

5 Reasons to Choose Spotlight Instagram Feeds

1. Easy to Use
From choosing a template to displaying an Instagram feed on your website in less than 7 clicks. Spotlight also includes a live interactive preview to see exactly what you’re designing for each device (desktop, tablet, and phone).
2. 100% Responsive
All layouts and templates are fully responsive by default. You can also create your own 100% responsive designs, customising them per device.
3. SEO-Friendly
All the Instagram content is directly on your website and crawled by search engines. The dynamic content and ALT tags (using Instagram post captions) help boost your SEO. Spotlight also includes its own clever caching and image optimization systems to help with page speed optimization.
4. Accessible (A11Y)
Every website should be accessible and your Instagram feed is part of that. Spotlight’s embedded Instagram feeds are made to be accessible on all devices.
5. Fast and Helpful Support
We provide support for both the free and premium versions of Spotlight and are constantly working on new innovative features to make your Instagram content work harder for your website. Whenever you have a question or want to request a new feature , we’re just a short message away.

Top 3 Benefits of Instagram Feeds (According to our users)

Automatically Updated Galleries
Gone are the days of manually updating your website’s gallery with new photos and videos every week. Simply post to Instagram and Spotlight will update your website’s galleries automatically.
Instant Social Proof
Instagram is a great platform for building relationships with your followers. Share that same experience with your website visitors and show off your followers’ love for what you do.
New Connections
Boost your social engagement and increase your Instagram follower count. Add a “Follow on Instagram” button to your Instagram feed to turn website visitors into Instagram followers.
BONUS: Upgrade your “Coming soon” and “Maintenance” Pages
Make these pages stand out and put them to work by embedding an Instagram feed with a “Follow” button. Convert otherwise lost site visitors into Instagram followers to generate new leads.

Upgrade your Instagram Feeds (Premium)

Level up your Instagram feeds with Spotlight’s premium plans:

  • Get access to more templates designs, including a slider.
  • Unlock all of Spotlight’s customisation options, post captions, and more.
  • Display Instagram posts from public hashtag feeds.
  • Include Instagram stories in your avatar (just like on Instagram),
  • Apply filtering and moderation to every Instagram feed.
  • Media management tools to control photo and video quality and storage.
  • Create an Instagram link in bio page to drive traffic from Instagram to your website.
  • Add a shoppable Instagram feed to increase sales.
  • Monitor your performance with analytics and insights.

Premium Instagram Demos | Instagram Slider | Analytics & Metrics
Premium 3rd-party Integrations

  • Elementor
  • WooCommerce
  • Google Analytics
  • More coming soon…

Testimonials – “The Best Instagram Plugin”

Spotlight helps tens of thousands of website owners display Instagram feeds. Here are a few testimonials from our 100+ reviews.
100% Real User Reviews

  • “These days, almost every company has its own Instagram account. These accounts are more up-to-date than most blogs. So I was looking for a way to replace the blogs on the websites I make for all kinds of businesses and found the Spotlight plugin for WordPress. The plugin is easy to install and offers multiple design options. I really can’t recommend the plugin enough!” – Isabel, Studio Pixels & Dots

“There are other “link in bio” services out there, but I wanted to direct traffic to my website. When I came across Spotlight, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for! It’s driven traffic to my site consistently each week since I started using it, and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Their support is fantastic too.” – Scott, Drive On Podcast
“If you’re ready to start nailing the BIG 3 C’s of having a website,…