AccessPress Social Login – is a perfect WordPress plugin to allow your website users to register/login to the website using one of their favorite social website accounts.

As a website owner you can easily configure which social accounts to enable/disable for login, which areas of the website social login should be displayed (login, registration, comments, checkout) and other various configuration including text/strings configuration. Also you can select the social login buttons/icons from 15 beautifully designed templates to fit them with your website’s overall design/theme.

Check full features below:


  • Login with the most popular 12 social media.
  • Configure each social accounts by setting up a few authorization details.
  • Configure which social media account to enable/disable in the login area.
  • Configure which area of the website the social login should be displayed (eg. Registration, login, comments)
  • Option to choose from 17 beautifully designed social login buttons/icons.
  • Option to configure the order of the social login buttons.
  • Use shortcode anywhere in the post/page to display social login.
  • Use widget to display social login.
  • Option to enable / disable social login (completely).
  • One click registration/login.
  • High level of customization/configuration – admin can change the title attributes for social media icons, other texts, strings etc.
  • Ability to send the login details to the user’s email.
  • Integrate with the wordpress users.
  • Works with buddypress.
  • Works with Woocommerce.
  • Nice and easy to use admin interface for site admin to manage, configure the plugin.
  • Translation ready.


Backend configurations

Supported Networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • VKontakte
  • Instagram
  • Foursquare
  • WordPress
  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • Yahoo

Note: PHP version 5.4 required for Facebook Login


Find the plugin documentation here:

Lifetime Dedicated Support

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Our Support Includes

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  • Lifetime updates
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  • Customer-friendly development
    If our products’ features don’t quite fit your requirement and you have some better suggestions – we are always happy to hear from you. We are ready to equip your business with better options. For this you can request a paid customization.

Our Support Does not Include

  • Plugin installation
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  • Plugin customization
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  • 3rd-party issues
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Important Change log:

Important Note : In prior to google+ being shutdown from March 7, 2019, the code for Google+ login to google oauth login has been updated. You might need to re-validate and create the client key & client secret again.

Version 2.0.9(28th May, 2021)
- Minor bug fixes in the front-end and back-end.

Version 2.0.8(4th Apr, 2021)
- Fixed error related to deprecated code. 
- Fixed Facebook and Twitter login issues. 
- Fixed issue with login not becoming successful on the first attempt.

Version 2.0.7(29th Nov, 2020)
- Refined code to fix redirection issue.

Version 2.0.6(23rd Nov, 2020)
- Fixed google login redirect issue.

Version 2.0.5(13th Nov, 2020)
- Fixed various social platform login issues. 
- Added new settings for platform that changes it's API. 
- Refined code to fix error shown in site health.

Version 2.0.4(22nd Sep, 2019)
- Issue with login_url for the login link resolved.

Version 2.0.3(17th Sep, 2019)
- Issue with VK login resolved

Version 2.0.2(26th July, 2019)
- Linkedin issue resolved

Version 2.0.1(25th June, 2019)
- Facebook, Yahoo, twitter login issue resolved.

Version 2.0.0(7th April, 2019)
- 17 new templates added
- 3 new social media login added (Yahoo, reddit, tumblr)
- Other smaller updates/features added

Version 1.3.7(6th March 2019)
- Issue with Facebook login when logging in after authentication resolved.
- Resolved the google+ login issue and now redirect the user through google.

Version 1.3.5(24th Feb 2019)
- Resolve issue with Facebook login when the WP version is above 5.1.

Version 1.3.1(25th January 2018)
- Done the bug fixings for the login redirect issue occuring for the google login.
- Updated the note section for twitter app creation for the "Callback locking" functionality.
- Done the bug fixings for declaration of OAuthException class if class already exist.

Version 1.3.0 (12th January 2018)
- Done the update of Facebook SDK to latest.
- Done the bug fixings for...