Automatically keep the all remote picture to the local media libary when you publishing posts, and automatically set featured image.
And more powerful functional is waiting for you. What exactly is it? Hehe…


  • This plugin has a little problem that is all the image url must be full url, it means must included “http(s)://”, for example:
    • <img src=”″ />
    • <img src=”″ />
  • The examples that not works:

I’v tried to figure this out, but i couldn’t get the host name to make image src full.
So if you encounter these codes, plaese manually fix the images src to full url.
Good News: Professional Edition has able to fix this.

Compatibility with

Custom Upload Dir

Plugin’s Plugins

Grabber for QQWorld Auto Save Images: Grab PDF.

Professional Edition

Features of Pro Edition

  • Automatically delete the HTML code of remote images smaller than Minimum-Picture-Size.
  • Detecting replicated images in media library by Original-link and CRC (Only for new images that after v1.1 updated).
  • Automatically exclude specified remote images by CRC.
  • Automatically delete html code of specified remote images by CRC.
  • New manual mode with multi-thread (Faster than automatic mode and modify Title & Alt in realtime)
  • Download Images from WeChat
  • Cron Scan Posts
  • Watermark
  • Images Compression (JPG Only)
  • Use Proxy
  • Smart Grabbing, Automatically detect 2 images url from href/src of remote image with outside link, and grab the bigger one.
  • Use Cookie-Free Domain & CDN Servive (AliYun OSS, UpYun, QiNiu)
  • Collect webpage automatically: Easy reprint articles, and get all the images to choose from web pages.
  • Translation (Baidu Translation, Google Translation)
  • Set no remote images saved into media library, it means would not generate thumbnail with many sizes. but if you checked Set-Featured-Image, the first remote image will be saved into media library.
  • Support automatically convert BMP to JPG.

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  • 该插件有个小问题,所有的远程图像的URL必须是完整的,就是说必须得包含”http(s)://”,比如:
    • <img src=”″ />
    • <img src=”″ />
  • 不能保存的例子:



Custom Upload Dir


QQWorld自动保存图片的捕手:抓取 PDF。



  • 可选择自动删除小于最小图像尺寸的远程图像HTML代码
  • 在数据库中通过原链接和CRC检测重复图像(仅用于更新1.1版之后下载的图像)
  • 可以自动通过检验图像文件CRC忽略指定的远程图像
  • 可以自动通过检验图像文件CRC删除指定的远程图像HTML代码
  • 多线程的手动模式(下载速度是自动模式的N倍,且支持即时修改Title和Alt)
  • 下载微信图片
  • 定时扫描文章
  • 水印
  • 压缩优化图片
  • 使用代理服务器(可下载需要翻墙的图片)
  • 智能抓取(从图片src和链接href中提取图片地址,并抓取较大的一个)
  • 使用Cookie-Free域名和外部存储器(阿里云OSS、七牛云存储、又拍云存储等)
  • 自动采集功能:轻松转载文章、从网页中获取所有图片供选择
  • 翻译(百度翻译,谷歌翻译),支持简繁体互转喔!
  • 可选择不保存图像到媒体库,这意味着不会生成各种尺寸的缩略图,但是如果勾选了自动设置特色图片,则只会将第一幅图片保存到媒体库。

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