Supercharge your Elementor Page Builder with 60+ highly customizable Elementor essential addons and widgets, 400+ premade Elementor templates that will give you the ability to build sophisticated websites in less time with no coding required. Both Elementor and Premium Addons plugins take your WordPress website to the next level.
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New: Elementor SVG Draw Widget

You can now draw any Font Awesome icon or SVG path using Premium SVG Draw widget. Not just that, we have added Draw Icon option in all premium widgets that has icon option in them. Check it out now!.

New: Three transition effects added to Vertical Scroll one page navigation widget

Now, you can select between three scroll transition effects in Elementor one page navigation widget in Premium Addons. Make your Vertical Scroll Elementor widget glow using the newly transitions Cube, Parallax, and Zoomed Parallax. Those three new transitions will let you get the ability to build eye-catchy single page WordPress websites with no effort. Check it out now!.

Elementor Navigation/Mega Menu Widget

Now, you build outstanding navigation menus and mega menus in Elementor using Premium Navigation/Mega Menu Widget which allows you to select between four different layouts with dozens of options to create a responsive menu for your Elementor website. Check it out now!.

Elementor Section Templates Live Builder Tool

Now, you create build Elementor section templates and insert them inside the Elementor templates based widgets in Premium Addons within the same page using Elementor Templates Live Editor tool.

Elementor Display Conditions

Premium Addons is proudly offering you a professional way to manage your website content with specific conditions which is perfect for marketers and eCommerce websites. You can show/hide content dynamically based on location, browser, operating system, user role, URL parameters, device type, Woocommerce display conditions such as WooCommerce product and WooCommerce shopping cart data, ACF fields, etc. Check the demo page

Elementor WooCommerce Products Listing widget

Show off your products in an elegant way using Premium Woo Products Widget for Elementor Page Builder that comes with unlimited customization options. Check the demo page

Elementor Floating Effects

Floating Animations for Elementor Global Feature that comes from Premium Addons for Elementor Free Plugin could be added to any Elementor widget including Elementor Sections, Inner-Sections. In addition, it could be added to the Elements inside each Elementor widget using Custom CSS Selector option.

Elementor Equal Height Feature

Now, you can make your columns, widgets or any selector you want the same height with just ONE click using Elementor Equal Height feature in section settings -> Advanced tab.

Elementor Pre-made Templates

NEW: Ever-growing Elementor Section Templates Library Available on both Premium Addons Free and PRO versions. Browse, preview, and insert the template you like in your page/post with just ONE click. You can also select to insert the templates without media files (images, videos, etc.) to prevent overloading your WordPress Media Library with large files.

Elementor Lottie Animations Integration

You can now use Lottie Animations in ALL our Elementor widgets. Whatever widget that have an image or icon option now have also the option to add a Lottie animation. Lottie animations are open source, lightweight and available for free, Use them now to make your Elementor pages more eye-catching.

Cross-Domain Copy N’ Paste

Now, you will have the ability to copy and paste any Elementor content from a website to another with just 2 clicks, copy from here and paste there, woohoo that’s it!. Check the documentation article from here.

Elementor Post and Page Duplicator

Duplicate any post, page or template on your website with just ONE click. Check the documentation article from here.

Freehand Design Experience

Following Elementor’s steps, we’ve implemented freehand design experience in many widgets and addons to make it easier to design amazing layouts using your mouse.

60+ Fully Customizable Elementor Widgets & Addons

Besides adding new widgets on monthly bases, we don’t mainly focus on the number, we focus on adding as much customization options to our widgets as possible more than anywhere else.

Modular & Lightweight

Premium Addons for Elementor was built the same way Elementor was built so it’s fully modular. You can enable/disable specific elements to prevent overloading your website with code you will not actually use which helps your website have a blazing fast performance.

WPML Ready

You can use Premium Addons for Elementor to build multilingual websites easily as our plugin is 100% compatible with WPML.

Fully Responsive & Cross Browser Ready

Each widget and addon has been tested on different screen sizes, mobile devices, and tablets keeping in mind to add special responsive controls for the tricky widgets and addons we create. We always test Premium Addons on BrowserStack to make sure that everything is stable.

Elementor Editor Panel Not Loading

How to resolve Elementor editor panel loading issue when Premium Addons is active.

Elementor Widgets & Addons Included

Content Widgets

  • Carousel Widget (FREE): The best all purpose Elementor carousel widget. It can be used to create any kind of carousel you want like: Testimonials Carousel, Client Logos Carousel, and some of our users even used it as Advanced Slider in a combination with other widgets.
  • Blog Widget (FREE): Blog Posts Widget comes with a modern style, advanced posts filtering options, and also it allows you to create posts carousel.
  • Google Maps Widget (FREE): Advanced Google Maps Widget comes with features like adding multiple markers, custom skins, and much more options.
  • Team Members Widget (FREE): Very good Elementor Widget to list…