Planet Charts is a WordPress plugin that provides a new chart block type for the Gutenberg editor. It makes the process of adding charts to your blog post or page extremely easy.
Planet Charts plugin comes with the following chart types:

  • pie
  • doughnut
  • column
  • stacked column
  • bar
  • stacked bar
  • line
  • smooth line
  • stepped line
  • area
  • stacked area
  • stacked stepped area
  • radar


If you’re having an issue please contact us through the support tab or leave a message in the comments.


Chart.js is used for rendering the charts. Chart icons icons are made by Kirby Wu from the Noun Project.


Version 1.8 (13-01-2020)

  • Made the plugin to always use the bundled version of Chart.js

Version 1.7 (03-11-2019)

  • Fixed “Add Series” button not appearing on some chart types
  • Fixed non working rotation of a pie and doughnut charts
  • Added missing series label inside the dataset editor
  • Added series limit to doughnut and pie charts
  • Added ability to backup and restore the chart
  • Added the line break option to the custom label format
  • Added missing line width setting for smooth and stepped line charts
  • Changed default values for chart height and font size
  • Made the legend automatically move up to the top of a chart when viewing on small screens
  • Renamed the Help panel

Version 1.6 (05-09-2019)

  • Fixed non working shortcode when the block is converted to reusable block

Version 1.5 (04-09-2019)

  • Fixed a bug that was causing a crash when opening charts created before the 1.3 update

Version 1.4 (24-08-2019)

  • Replaced Chart type buttons with the dropdown
  • Additional chart types added: smooth line chart, stepped line chart, stacked bar chart, stacked column chart, area chart, stacked area chart, stacked stepped area chart
  • Updated chart icons
  • Renamed bar chart to column chart and horizontal bar char to bar chart
  • Added tooltip settings
  • Added shortcode support

Version 1.3 (06-08-2019)

  • Fixed a bug that was causing a PHP warning message to appear, when having an empty Additional CSS Class field under the Advanced settings panel
  • Revampled the font settings control with better look and feel
  • Added position setting to the Title panel
  • Added size and padding settings to the Legend panel
  • Added help text inside Data Labels panel explaining how to write custom label values
  • Chart Area panel was renamed to Chart Settings and its appearance was also improved
  • Moved the font family setting from the Font panel to the Chart Settings panel
  • Removed the Gridlines panel by moving gridline settings to Axis panel
  • Added more options to customize the gridlines
  • Set box shadow to none to text fields inside the Dataset editor when focused
  • Removed blue border from the focused text fields inside the Dataset editor
  • Added Help panel

Version 1.2 (02-07-2019)

  • Added a new chart type – Radar
  • Added the ability to specify the maximum width of the chart area
  • Fixed misalignment issue with font setting fields in the chart editor
  • Made the chart block to respect the Additional CSS Class property
  • Removed the width and height properties from the main element when the chart is in responsive mode
  • Updated the source code to comply with the latest WordPress coding standards

Version 1.1 (15-12-2018)

  • Updated the plugin to support WordPress 5.0

Version 1.0 (05-08-2018)

  • Initial release