Local Pickup for WooCommerce enables customers to select their Shipment pickup with time slot. It enables the user to schedule their pickup ( the delivery slot) as their convenient slot, and helps sellers as well to manage their shipment with hassle-free. This Local Pickup System is useful for retailers with multiple locations, distribution centres, or pickup sites.
While making order customers can see the list of available pickup locations for each cart item. It enables customers to schedule their pickup slot for products by selecting Available Pickup Locations and pickup location details. 
Local Pickup for WooCommerce also lets you mark your WooCommerce order status as “Ready for Pickup” and add the pickup instructions email to your customers. Now, whenever a customer comes in with that order, you can simply mark it as “Picked up” and send notification.  Local Delivery Scheduler – Now Customer can choose **Product Delivery Date **and Delivery Time Slot as well. 

Local Pickup for WooCommerce :

Set up multiple pickup locations for the customer to choose a pickup location at WooCommerce checkout.
Selected pickup location is displayed in customer’s Account – View Order page and in Order Admin. ** **
Determine if each product can be picked up at a different place, or if only one pickup location is available per order.
WooCommerce order status as “Ready for Pickup” and “Picked up”
**✔ Define Pickup location Accurately **using  map
**✔ **Set pick up instructions like location name, address, open hours, and special instructions
**✔ **For ease of pick-up, customers can choose a preferred pickup point and specify a desired date/time for arrival
**✔ **Order details will have all the necessary information about where and when pickup can take place.
If you allow per-item pickup locations, you can even limit which products are available at a location! Can set Specific Pickup Locations for each shipping zone
You can set the lead time in days for how long you want your order preparations to take.
Define business days and hours to allow or require selecting a pickup date.
The admin can update the information about the partial shipments.
Plugin can be easily used for Curbside Pickup for WooCommerce Orders
**✔ **Easy to Configure & Install.
✔ No Monthly Fees.


  • Limit a pickup location’s products
  • Fine-Tune product pickup availability
  • Allows scheduled pickups
  • Allows Different Time Slots for Each Day
  • Allows Dates/Days Appointment
  • Option for Pay at Store / Pickup Location
  • Limit a pickup location’s Categories

Pickup Time slots

  • You could make a custom delivery/pickup timeslot as you want. For an example, you may make 2 timeslots like 2:00PM – 4:00PM and 6:00PM – 7:00PM. You can also manipulate the days on which a time slot appears. You can set the most delivery/pickup time for a particular slot, disable it on specific days, or allow it to activate at any time.

Lead Time

  • This is the amount of time that can help to prepare your order and make it ready to Pickup. The lead time for your order is the number of days it will take to get your order ready to PickUp. Plugin allows setting PickUp dates available in Next N number of days.

Store Opening & Closing Time

  • You can give a specific time as store opening & closing time. After the time no one can select Pickup Slot for the that day.

Allow custom Local Pickup Dates

  • This is a highlighted function of this plugin. You can specific days which are visible to the user to select for the consumer. You can specify the off-days so the consumer can`t choose the ones days for transport or pickup individually.

Ready for Pickup order status emails

  • Send out an email notification to customers when their order is ready to be picked up.
  • You can send a confirmation e-mail to your customers after their order has been Picked Up.

Allow Delivery for Specific Week days

  • Allows setting Delivery days for Pickup from a Location.

Show/Hide Custom Pickup Date & Time Slot based on Pickup Location

  • Allows to show or hide custom pickup slot based on pickup location.

Show/Hide Custom Date & Time Slot based on Cart Products/Categories

  • Allows to show or hide custom timeslot based on cart products and categories.

What are the benefits of local pickup

  • Increase footfall of customers to store
  • Increase customer satisfaction, reduce shipping costs and increase sales.
  • Enable your customers to select the time slot and choose the pickup location as their convenient.
  • Save on shipping costs 
  • Unify online and in-person channels for customers


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= Version 1.2.0= July 27, 2023
[Add] Added Local Pickup Manager Setting
[Add] Compatibility with multilocation

= Version 1.1.12= May 27, 2023
[Fix] Critical error in wp_ajax(Inconsistent)

= Version 1.1.11= April 17, 2023
[Fix] Specific Products and category not working as expected
[Fix] - 'Pickup Location not found for cart item category' message is displayed on the cart and checkout page when all products is selected in the pickup locations.

= Version 1.1.9= April 05, 2023
[Fix] Hide Local Pickup Method for Virtual and Downloadable Products
[Add] Added setting to make the date and time slot as optional

= Version 1.1.8 = March 15, 2023
[Fix] Localisation issue about Shipping method

= Version 1.1.7 = March 11, 2023
[Add] Pickup Locations can enabled along with each shipping zone
[Fix] "Pickup details text " when local pickup is not active on the thank you page
[Fix] Time slots are not displayed on frontend for both specific date and specific time

= Version 1.1.5 = Feb...