Lazy loading makes your site load faster and saves bandwidth.
This plugin replaces all your post images, post thumbnails, gravatar images and content iframes with a placeholder and loads the content as it gets close to enter the browser window when the visitor scrolls the page. Also works with text widgets.
Since it works with iframes, it also covers embedded videoes from YouTube, Vimeo etc.
You can also lazy load other images and iframes in your theme, by using a simple filter.
Non-javascript visitors gets the original element in noscript.
Compatible with the RICG Responsive Images plugin for responsive images.
Please let me know if you have any issues. Fastest way to get a response is by Twitter:


  • Russian (ru_RU) by Elvisrk
  • Hebrew (he_IL) by Imri Sagive
  • Polish (pl_PL) by Maciej Gryniuk
  • Norwegian Bokmål (nb_NO) by Bjørn Johansen

Development happens at GitHub. Pull requests are very welcome.

Optional usage

If you have images output in custom templates or want to lazy load other images in your theme, you may pass the HTML through a filter:

$img_html="<img src="" alt="">";
$img_html = apply_filters( 'bj_lazy_load_html', $img_html );
echo $img_html;

Note for developers: The filter has a priority of 10.